The Portal Publishing Team

Portal Publishing is the leading online publisher working in the education and training sector. We focus on delivering quality resources to keep you up to date about everything related to skills development, human resource development, education, training, and other growth-related sectors.

Our five major portals - the Skills PortalCareers Portal, Jobs Portal, Bursaries Portal and of course, Skills Universe – each serving its own unique purpose.

Ultimately – each portal will send you in the right direction, whether it’s from student to successful employee or employee to employer.

We have become a portal for anyone looking for education, training and development events and opportunities in South Africa.

What’s in it for us? We just want to help you by building a skilled and competent workforce that will contribute positively to the South African economy for decades to come.

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Where it Started

The company began as the Skills Portal website in 2003, and through the support and contribution of sector experts and prominent education entities it became a trusted name in skills development.

Since its inception the brand has expanded to include four additional portals in order to meet the information demands of its growing audience. The company now operates under the banner of Portal Publishing.

Portal Publishing continues to explore better ways of servicing its clients and audience.



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